Watch Rare Footage Of Pre-Pop Star Katy Perry From 2001

Before she became one of the most famous pop stars in the world, Katy Perry was the almost-famous Katy Hudson, a Christian rock singer who was more Alanis Morissette than Madonna. Her eponymous debut album, released in 2001, was a total failure, selling only 200 copies, so Hudson changed her name, changed her looks, and ditched the gospel for THE DEVIL’S MUSIC and eventually became the Katy Perry we find ourselves singing along to when no one’s around.

There’s not much footage from these early days, but Jim Standridge had enough foresight to shoot some, and he posted it on Vimeo earlier this week.

Katy Perry’s first tour as an artist in 2001. I was very fortunate to meet and hangout with this Super Nova of a talent in the beginning of her career. At the time I was on a retainer with Pamplin Entertainment and worked on BibleMan staring Willie Aames. I also shot EPK’s (electronic press kits) for all their musical talent. Red Hill Records had just signed Katy and this was a small venue in Portland Oregon.

The other day I was cleaning out some old footage in my office and found 90 minutes of raw footage I had totally forgot about. Pamplin had the originals but I had always made backups of everything I shot. I quickly put together a short edit of the experience with Katy. Funny how she spent so much time messing with her hair…. In the present day her hair changes color and style in every photo shoot, music video and performance…I think Katy has grown into an amazing entertainer and woman. Enjoy.

It’s a long road from Katy Hudson to hanging out with Riff Raff.

Katy Perry Uncensored Raw Talent from Jim Standridge on Vimeo.