Watch Rihanna Give A Very Lucky Nerd A Very Awkward Lap Dance

07.10.14 4 years ago 14 Comments
rihanna lap dance


The only time I’ve ever been brought on stage during a concert was a few years ago, when Yo La Tengo lead singer Ira Kaplan pointed my way and told me, and a few other lucky fans, to drum along with the band for a song. The video below, in which Rihanna gives a lap dance to the Dictionary definition of “nerd,” is… very different from my three-and-a-half minutes of fame. I didn’t hover hand over anyone’s backside, nor did I throw up the devil’s horns after a Barbadian sex-god takes off my spectacles.

My glasses did, however, fall off when I made my way off-stage, so I take it back: same thing.

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