Watch Sleigh Bells Perform Two New Songs (With Horns!) On ‘Kimmel’ Last Night

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10.18.13 5 Comments

A thought occurred while watching Sleigh Bells perform two songs from their upcoming album, Bitters Rivals, on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night: they’re not so different from Katy Perry. Not in volume, of course, because Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller blow the whipped cream out of Perry’s boobs (ew?). Rather, they’re both working off a variation of peppiness, with Perry playing the part of the cheerleader gone right and Krauss, gone wrong.

Or maybe I’ve been listening to “Roar” far too much, and “Tiger Kit” reminded me of it. Anyway, have a listen to the new Sleigh Bells songs, neither of which is outstanding, but F*CK YEAH HORN SECTION.

“Bitter Rivals”

“Tiger Kit”

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