Snoop Dogg Could Not Guess What This Common Sports Item Was

A week after Snoop Dogg‘s hilarious reaction to watching how hot dogs are made, Jimmy Kimmel brought the rap star back for another installment of his “Howz It Mizzade” segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This time, Snoop had to figure out how a very common sports item was created in a factory.

Once the stock video in the factory begins to roll, a white powdery substance appears and Snoop’s first guess on what’s being made is super funny. “That’s…wait a minute…is that cocaine? What y’all finna make some rocks?”

His next few guesses are odd, the rapper thinks everything from cement sculptured light poles, fire hydrants, piggy banks, and ice cream are being made. After awhile Snoop is completely stumped and just starts naming everything under the sun — a workman’s hat, a lightbulb, a toilet, and yarn. “I can’t figure this s*** out for nothin’ in the world, dog,” Snoop said. “I’m trying my best too.”

So what is the mystery sports item that the rapper ended up guessing right at the end? A bowling ball. “Cuh, y’all got me with that s***. That was tight,” Snoop said.

Snoop and Kimmel have teamed up for a couple of sizzegments over the years, from the comical “Plizzanet Earth” to the more recent “The Hizzistory of Bizzasketball.”

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)