Watch The Entirety Of Nine Inch Nails’ Remarkable Lollapalooza Set

Senior Pop Culture Editor
08.05.13 6 Comments

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re pretty excited for the new Nine Inch Nails album ’round these parts. Hesitation Marks, the group’s first release since 2008’s The Slip, comes out September 3rd, and the only reason I haven’t literally circled that date on my calender is because the excitedly forceful red ink around August 11th has stained and ruined the entire thing. (Now how will I know which month lines up with which Chinese food dish?)

Over the weekend, Reznor & Co. headlined Lollapalooza, where for 100 minutes, according to Consequence of Sound, they “[mixed] fan favorites and as-yet-released material off their forthcoming LP.” Even if they only played “March of the Pigs” for an hour, it’d still be a great show. Watch the entire performance below.


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