Watch These Ravers Run Into A Tornado At An Australian Music Festival

At any given music festival, you’re bound to come across a group of people who are maybe a bit too fearless in their turn up. You know who they are: they tend to push the bar a little too much, often getting into scenarios that seem fun but really aren’t. This is one of those examples, as several ravers ran into a tornado at Victoria, Australia’s Earthcore Festival.

As you can see in the video above, the tornado starts out pretty big and attracts a crowd of people that begin dancing and jumping inside of it (if only Darude’s “Sandstorm” had been playing at the same time). The tornado disappears soon after, and the crowd safely disperses and returns to what they were originally doing (shout out to the guy that comes in at the 14 to 15 second mark, trying to get in on the action all late). The lesson here guys, is this: although it may look fun (and no matter how many drugs you may or may not be on) it’s never a good idea to run into a tornado in any situation.

Poor decisions and music festivals often go hand in hand, but confronting natural disasters is probably one you should avoid.

(Via Hypetrak)