Wavves’ Nathan Williams Is Fighting Warner Bros. Over His New Song ‘Way Too Much’

Giving any Wavves song even a cursory listen would make you feel like lead singer Nathan Williams is a pretty laid-back dude. But scan Wavves official Twitter over the last day and you’ll see a man on the warpath.

Wavves has spent the last few days fuming over Warner Brothers Records’ attempts to block or alter the release of his latest single “Way Too Much.”

It all began July 14 when Warner Bros. tried declined the single’s artwork.

Williams expressed his rage in the only way he knows how, wrestling clips.

Williams then released “Way Too Much” without label permission. When they threatened to pull the song, he countered that he’d leak the entire album.

He then encouraged fans to pirate the song and spread it before Warner could take it down.

Warner eventually caved.

But when the track was pulled from YouTube, Williams posted the song to Soundcloud and tagged Warner several times in a tweet with a link. Warner pulled the original Soundcloud link and Williams reposted it.  As a final “eff you,” he leaked the album artwork and title. It’s going to be called and its cover art is a take on the Five of Cups from a tarot card deck.

By the way, the song is really, really good.

(Via Stereogum)