Waxahatchee Is Back With A New Album And A Beautiful New Single

04.18.17 1 year ago

Jesse Riggins

Two years removed from her breakout Merge Records debut Ivy Tripp, Katie Crutchfield has reignited the flame of Waxahatchee, with a brand new 10-song effort due out in July. Out In The Storm is said to be a bit of a departure from Ivy Tripp, with Crutchfield claiming that the 2015 album “doesn’t really have any resolution. It’s a lot of beating around the bush, and superficially trying to see my life clearly, but just barely scratching the surface.” On the other hand, Crutchfield says that Out In The Storm “digs into what I was going through without blinking. It’s a very honest record about a time in which I was not honest with myself.”

The first taste of comes in the form of the Catherine Elicson-directed video for lead single “Silver,” which sees the band performing in a dark, yet beautifully-lit room, interspersed with cuts of Crutchfield wandering aimlessly around a city. It’s really a gorgeous and emotionally-driven song, and is both anchored and highlighted by incredibly ethereal vocal harmonies, before a sparse, but powerful guitar lead takes over to bring the track home. Check out the video below.

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