We Cannot Stop The Shia Laboeuf/Marilyn Manson Bromance, We Can Only Hope To Contain It

Okay you guys, this is going to be really hard for me to be objective, because I’m pretty much am convinced that Shia Labeouf is THE WORST — the total embodiment of everything wrong with modern Hollywood, and I never really “got” Marilyn Manson and his horror-core schtick. But I’m gonna try really hard to be objective, I promise.

Some background: Labeouf and Manson met a while back at a Kills concert and became BFFs. (Of course they did!) And now Labeouf, whom Manson labeled an “art rapist,” has directed a short film that doubles as the video for Manson’s “Born Villain,” the first single off of Marilyn Manson’s eighth album scheduled to hit stores later this year.

Jesus Christ. Let’s just go straight to the video, shall we? But first, a preview in gif form. This horror pretty much sums up the entire video right here…

Yeah, the whole thing is basically a mashup of dark, violent clips, with Manson degrading women in increasingly weird ways along the way. He shaves the heads of two middle-aged broads, sews an eyeball into another woman’s vagina, and, obviously, impales another’s mouth with an awl. It’s kind of terrible in every way, but pretty much exactly what I expected from these two collaborating.

And, obviously, it’s totally NSFW…

Someone stop these two before their bromance perpetrates further crimes upon humanity. Please.