Weezer Premieres The Latest Track Off Their Upcoming ‘White Album’

We’ve already heard three new tracks from Weezer‘s upcoming White Album, including “Thank God For Girls,” “Do You Wanna Get High?” and “King Of The World.”  Well, thanks to Zane Lowe and a surprise Wednesday morning Beats 1 Radio premiere, now we’re getting a fourth. The latest track from Rivers Cuomo and crew is titled “LA Girlz” and sounds a whole lot like The Blue Album b-side track “Susanne,” which should please many of Weezer’s die-hard fans who have been begging for a Blue Album or a Pinkerton sound.

Speaking with Zane Lowe, Cuomo said he’s already began writing and composing Weezer’s Black Album, which he says will be a “darker” album. Creating a “darker” album will be a nice contrast compared to the upcoming White Album, which Rivers described as having a “Beach Boys sort of vibe to make you feel like you were there with us SoCal weirdos even if you’re in Milwaukee in December.”

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Given Weezer’s recent history (aside from 2014’s great Everything Will Be Alright In The End), it was okay to be skeptical of this track especially considering that “girls” is spelled with a z. But Rivers has proved again that he’s on the right track musically by delivering another great single from their upcoming 10th studio album.

(Via Beats 1 Radio)