Weezer Just Announced A Release Date For Their Latest Album And A Summer Tour

Weezer had just recently stripped their website and social pages of any kind of color, and, to make things even Whiter, they uploaded a minute-long clip of white noise to their website for a day’s length. It turns out that there was a point to all of this, as they’ve just announced the release of their tenth album, and their fourth self-titled album. They’ve already done blue, green, and red — so to add to their color spectrum, they will now be releasing the white album on April 1.

If you’re wondering what kind of vibe the guys will bring with their latest release, here’s the soft-sell from frontman Rivers Cuomo himself:

This album was inspired by my experiences hanging around the Westside of Los Angeles, which has been our home since Weezer began. Hanging out with people in Venice and Santa Monica, the beach, the Hare Krishnas, the Sikh on roller blades with the guitar, girls on Tinder within a 4-mile radius, seeing other bands, etc. I would just tweet out “does anybody wanna hang?” and then I’d get together with people who responded and talk about life. I love California. I wanted the album to have a Beach Boys sort of vibe to make you feel like you were there with us SoCal weirdos even if you’re in Milwaukee in December.

We’ve already heard a couple different offerings from the album, “Thank God For Girls,” and “Do You Wanna Get High,” so that should give us a little bit of a hint of what to expect.

Along with the release of their new single and further details for their next album, the guys announced their plans for the spring and summer. To kick things off, they will perform a slew of international (+Brooklyn) album release shows before diving head-first into a big summer-long tour with Panic! at the Disco and Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness.

See below for the announcement and a list of tour dates:

(Via Weezer)