An Excited Fan Brings Street Cred To The Weezer Cruise With His One-Sided Rap Battle With Rivers Cuomo

What happens on Weezer Cruise clearly doesn’t stay on the Weezer Cruise. This excited fan breaks the one rule that everyone was told before they climbed aboard the good ship Buddy Holly: Do not attempt to rap with Rivers Cuomo.

Why you ask? Because Rivers will sit bewildered without telling you to stop for well over two minutes. And if this guy needed one thing, it’s an executioner to sweep him off stage. But I will give him credit for just going right into it, even if it was hard to watch.

Cuomo’s reaction is expected though. I’ve always felt that he would explode if someone attempted approach him in public, so I’m surprised there. But his complete lack of enthusiasm for the sweet rhymes being thrown his way is par for the course. Maybe he’d be more into it if the Muppets showed up, barring that the gentleman talking to Rivers is not already a Muppet in disguise.

All this said, I really like the looks of that buffet. I doubt I’d go on a cruise for food alone, but I used to kinda like Weezer and could be convinced.

(Connies Ric Rac / Noisey)