Weezer Prove To Be An Ageless Wonder On Their Sunny New Single, ‘Weekend Woman’

Wore than 20 years into a career that’s largely been made on the radio, Weeer are back once again with a brand-new inescapable single, “Feels Like Summer.” At this stage in their career, there are few bands that can still connect so broadly with a young audience as Weezer does, making their upcoming eleventh album, Pacific Daydream, one of their most anticipated in recent memory.

On new single “Weekend Woman,” frontman Rivers Cuomo sounds youthful and exuberant in both the content of the song and the spirit that he pours into it. It’s a move that has become a trademark of Weezer’s career at this point, where the band acts as a sponge for both the sounds and the vernacular of youth culture, resulting in a sort of agelessness that defies logic. It’s the same reason that even their oldest hits don’t generally get lumped in with 90’s nostalgia, even if they come from the 90s. “Weekend Woman” is ultimately a demonstration in the timelessness of a pop song, with Weezer acting as a chameleon for the current era of rock music.

Listen to Weezer’s new single, “Weekend Woman,” above. Weezer’s new album, Pacific Daydream, is out on October 27th on Atlantic.