Watch John Stamos, Finn Wolfhard, And Weird Al In A Rousing Live Performance Of ‘Willy Wonka’

A seemingly random mishmash of celebrities and musicians paid tribute to the 1971 Gene Wilder classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend, and it turns out that John Stamos doesn’t make a bad (bearded) Willy Wonka. In fact, Weird Al is pretty great as a tall leader of the Oompa Loompas, but for some reason that just makes sense. I can’t explain why that makes sense, but it’s a gut feeling, and you probably have it too. Maybe it’s the Oompa orchestra.

As you can see by the videos (via Pitchfork), Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard dutifully played an awe-struck Charlie as Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Richard Kind belted out a rousing rendition of “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket.” He looks the part, for sure.

And Weird Al owned the stage as in a suit that looked to be inspired by a Fruit Stripes gum package. He sang “Oompa #4 TV,” and his take on it really makes me want to see the whole performance.

Broadway vet John Stamos, however, might’ve stolen the show as the ruggedly handsome version of Willy Wonka, possible (???) killer of children. Either that, or Wonka’s factory is Dante’s Inferno, in which case all of these people are already dead. That got dark, quickly. The singing is pleasant!

(Via Pitchfork)