Weird Al Yankovic Is Voicing A Batman Villain And All Is Right With The World


Weird Al is beloved around these parts. He’s a talented musician, a master satirist, and a vegan who isn’t a smug jerk about it. And now, he’s adding another notch on his resume as a Batman villain.

And it’ll likely be a straight, non-gag bit of voicework, too. As nerds know, Al has a long history with DC animation, ranging from playing himself to voicing Animal Man, but this is his first role as a villain. Al will be voicing the Dollmaker in Batman Vs. Robin, and onsidering that the best case scenario here is that Al is voicing a guy with a box of tiny robot assassins, we’re guessing it’ll be light on the jokes.

Also, the fact that it’s loosely based on Night of the Owls, a recent Batman arc where a conspiracy built into the very bones of Gotham nearly drives Batman insane, tells us this isn’t a comedy. Still, this is a great way for a superb human being to start the year, especially after finally topping the Billboard charts. Now, about bringing him back as Animal Man…