Check Out This Mesmerizing Music Video From Weird Al Yankovic’s Recent Tour

10.23.15 3 years ago 3 Comments

“Weird Al” Yankovic celebrated his 56th birthday on Friday. He also just finished a massive 112 concert tour that took him all over the globe in celebration of his most recent album, Mandatory Fun, his first to go No. 1 and also a Grammy winner. To celebrate the end of his tour, Yankovic’s released a really cool video that blends together many of his performances into one almost seamless take.

You may recall that the music video for “Tacky,” Weird Al’s delightful parody of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” was a one take video that involved Al and some celebrity friends walking about and dancing. Additionally, when he performed the song on Conan, he did so starting backstage and had the camera follow him until he made it onto the stage. Turns out that the idea didn’t stop there.

It would seem that Weird Al’s been doing something similar at all his concerts, because the video shows him taking a long walk, in a garish outfit, to get into the arena and onto the stage. However, the video takes little bits from dozens of his shows and splices them together into one long video. He interacts with starstruck folks on the street, knocks food out of people’s hands backstage, and has multiple run-ins with the ladies playing the “Smells Like Nirvana” cheerleaders in various cities.

In short, it’s a great video, because “Weird Al” Yankovic is great.

(Via AV Club)

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