‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Wants You To Know Your Team Sucks In The ‘Sports Song’ Video

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07.18.14 11 Comments

Finally, “Weird Al” Yankovic is taking on something that we love so dearly – people who take their sports teams way too seriously. The fifth music video in as many days from Weird Al’s new and potentially Billboard-topping album “Mandatory Fun” is “Sports Song,” which is a marching band tribute to the time-honored tradition of adults telling other adults that they suck based on their sports team affiliations. If there’s one thing that Al could definitely improve at, it’s writing more parodies of sports. God knows there’s more material out there than he could ever need. Hell, I’d buy an entire album of songs performed by Weird Al and written by PFT Commenter. That would be a surefire ESPY-winning album right there.

(Via Funny or Die)

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