‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s Eighth And Final ‘Mandatory Fun’ Video Is ‘Mission Statement’

07.21.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

For his eighth and final “Mandatory Fun” music video that he has so generously gifted to his loyal fans over the last eight days, “Weird Al” Yankovic has targeted stupid, meaningless business jargon in “Mission Statement.” The actual video is currently only available at the Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy right now, because sharing is for suckers, but Weird Al claimed that the inspiration for this video was “all the ridiculous double-speak and meaningless buzz words” created in office environments, set to the tune of Crosby, Stills and Nash, because it “symbolizes the antithesis of corporate America.” All in all, the video took TruScribe 10 months to complete, and it was definitely worth it.

Meanwhile, it has become pretty clear that while Al is poised to celebrate, at the very least, the first No. 2 album of his career on Wednesday, there are some people who simply don’t think the king of polka parodies is or ever has been funny. In fact, this guy you’ve never heard of who hates everything thinks that if you liked the videos like “Tacky” and “First World Problems,” you deserve to be thrown down a flight of stairs in front of your family. Oh, Thought Catalog, you continue to be the world’s source for people embarrassingly desperate for attention.

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