Listen To An Orchestral Cover Of Guns N’ Roses

There are rumors swirling about a Guns N’ Roses reunion. A good reunion, with the band members you care about, not the one involving, you know, the version with Buckethead or whatever. However, let’s say you can’t wait for Axl and Slash and the gang to get back together. In that case, you can tide yourself over with this vintage orchestral cover of “Welcome to the Jungle.” Or you could listen to your old Guns N’ Roses albums, but what’s the fun of that?

“Welcome to the Jungle” is the latest outing from Postmodern Jukebox on YouTube. They use all sorts of vintage, old school musical styles to provide their own takes on more modern music hits. While “Welcome to the Jungle” is not necessarily “modern,” because time makes fools of us all, but it’s certainly more modern than the ‘40s and ‘50s styles that Postmodern Jukebox tend to make use of.

Of course, what makes this interesting is that “Welcome to the Jungle” is a hard, nigh metal rock song that involves a bunch of Axl Rose’s guttural screaming. This version has a harp and a cello and the smooth, silky vocals of Daniela Andrade.

So, if you always liked the lyrical stylings of Guns N’ Roses, but didn’t like Rose’s vocals or Slash’s awesome guitar work, this is the perfect video for you.