Were All Hip Hop Stars Adorable First Graders?

I’m not usually never one to share photo compilations of young boys — I am very Frank Reynolds when it comes to that sort of thing. But seeing as how all of these former cute kids grew up to be famous hip hop artists and websites the internet over have built a sturdy pageview foundation with “___________ as Kids” posts, I thought I’d share.

You may have seen several of these on the web and/or Boys and Girls Club billboards but all in one place is — I don’t know — interesting. Like taking an adorable first grade yearbook photo is some sort of prerequisite for hip hop/R&B stardom. Also there’s this kicker from the original source:

“TIL Eminem is Jodie Foster.”

Now if you need me I’ll be enjoying something else kid related…

Image via Best Fun Site! Hypnotic Katy Perry/Elmo morph GIF via WTF Digest.