Wet Shared A Pair Of Languid And Comforting New Songs, ‘Old Bone’ And ‘Trust No Man’

Music News Editor

Wet released their dreamy sophomore album Still Run last year, and now the duo has returned with their first new music since then with a pair of new songs: The single “Old Bone” and its B-side, “Trust No Man.”

“Old Bone” is a comforting acoustic tune in the same vein as the group’s other superlative material, and they also shared a video for the track. Directed by Peter Brandt (known for working with artists like The War On Drugs and Solange), the clip mixes abstract artistic elements with footage of the band’s Kelly Zutrau exploring a variety of outdoor landscapes.

Meanwhile, “Trust No Man” is labeled as an acoustic version, but the standard versions of Wet songs are already pretty acoustic. It could even be argued that the “acoustic” “Trust No Man” actually sounds less acoustic than “Old Bone” thanks to the textural synths. Whatever the case may be, like the song for which it is a B-side, it’s a fine example of how to be gentle but not boring.

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