Wet Return To Their Roots With The Sprawling, Evocative New Song, ‘Softens’

Indie pop group Wet still don’t have specifics on when fans can expect their sophomore album and follow-up to their 2016 debut Don’t You, except that it will be released sometime later this year. What we do know is that our samples from the forthcoming record give us a lot to be excited about.

Hot on the heels of the upbeat “There’s A Reason,” Wet are back again with a more-expected downtempo ballad, “Softens.” The song is piano driven and sprawling, extending for nearly six minutes of vocalist Kelly Zutrau carrying the tune on the back of her stunning voice. When placed next to their previous offering, the pair of new tracks showcase the range that Wet has to offer, and how they seem determined to not merely repeat themselves on their new album.

Zutrau had the following to say about the song:

“Sometime last winter I was having a hard time on a personal level while the world also seemed like it was in a collectively dark place. I was just feeling like shit and listening to the radio one night while all of these horrible news stories were playing and then I heard this phrase ‘Where Beauty Softens Your Grief.’ It turned out to be a slogan for a funeral home in Harlem. And something about those words and the story behind it really stuck with me. I found that idea so comforting, someone making a place to soften the sometimes harsh reality of being a human.”

Check out Wet’s new song, “Softens,” above.

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