Weyes Blood Shares The Instant Classic ‘Everyday’ And Announces A New Album, ‘Titanic Rising’

Indie singer-songwriter Weyes Blood (real name Natalie Mering) released the starry single “Andromeda” earlier this year, and apparently there’s more new music on the way. Weyes Blood’s new album Titanic Rising will be released via Sub Pop on April 5. The record, her first with the label, gets its title from the fantastic Amazon TV series Homecoming. Titanic Rising is the title of the bombastic sequal to Titanic that one of the characters jokes about with his soldier friends. If we’ve got to live up to the most epic film sequel of all time, this record is sure to be romantic, dreamy, and star-making.

Mering released another new single to celebrate the album announcement. Where “Andromeda” is soft and spaced-out, “Everyday” is jangly and ’70s rock-inspired. (Mering herself described it as “the Kinks meet WWII or Bob Seger meets Enya” in a press release.) The song shows off a different sound than we’ve ever heard from Weyes Blood, demonstrating Mering’s impressive elasticity as a songwriter and performer. The video, a 70s-horror-inspired cabin in the woods tale, is a fun tribute to the song’s classic vibe, although I’d advise against watching it with a full stomach if you’re the queasy type.

Titanic Rising is out April 5 via Sub Pop. Pre-order the album here, and watch the video for “Everyday” above.