What’s The Worst Thing Psy Does In His Perverted, Fart-Filled ‘Gentleman’ Music Video?

04.13.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

A few days ago, we shared Psy’s first post-“Gangnam Style” single, “Gentleman,” which we called, “Good, I guess?” because that’s the kind of definitiveness you should expect from the Internet. Beside, it was TOTALLY unfair to judge the song solely by the way it sounds; we were waiting to see how it looks, too. “Gangnam” would have just been another weird novelty song if it hadn’t been for the music video, which turned it into a massive novelty hit.

The “Gentleman” music video came out this morning, and I can say with complete conviction: it’s the only song this year that features a video in which the singer sticks his hand down his pants, farts, then puts his beef jerky smelling finger into a stranger’s face, to make her sniff it ALL in. Awesome. Psy is a massive jerk and pervert in the clip, and we couldn’t be happier. Here are some of his other dick move “Gentleman” moments.

He kicks a traffic cone, like a dick.

He doesn’t pay attention to the nice lady gyrating behind him, like a dick.

He grinds in the middle of a store, like a dick.

He shooed kids away from a playground so he and his creepy buddy can dance, like a dick.

He sped up this lady’s treadmill so she flies off, like a dick.

He flicks this girl’s cup of scalding hot tea into her face, like a dick.

He pushes every button in the elevator even though his elevator-mate really has to pee, like a dick.

He makes a stranger sniff his fart (poop?), like a dick.

He kicks a soccer ball away from these poor crying tykes, like a dick.

He undoes a bikini top, like a pervert.

He moves a chair away from someone trying to sit down, like a dick.

He slurps his noodles, like a rude dick.

He sprays beer EVERYWHERE, not thiinking about the people who have to clean it up, like a dick.

Which one’s your favorite?

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