Whataburger Has Joined The Line Of Companies Trolling Kanye West On Twitter

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02.21.16 5 Comments
Kanye West Yeezy Season 3 - Runway

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Some brands are excellent at Twitter, flying high above the “on fleek” masses to deliver truly funny messages that also push whatever they are trying to sell. Most brands are horrible at Twitter, sending up tweets that are both late to the party and corny. Whataburger exists in a weird grey area. They aren’t very good at social media but they’re willing to try anything and jump into any conflict for the sake of promotion.

In that 100 monkeys, 100 typewriters way, they’ve started to go after Kanye West. And they landed a few clean shots among all the whiffs. When Kanye asked not to be disturbed while putting the “finishing” touches on The Life Of Pablo, Whataburger made one last request.

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