‘Honda Backstage’ Returns To Show How A New Set Of Musicians Conquered Adversity To Make It Big

Music is one of those art forms that creates an instant sense of intimacy between the creator and the listener. As an art, it’s easy to hear the music and quickly begin to admire its chief architect. Of course, being a superstar musician has plenty of great moments — but there are other moments too, where the fluster and stress of the musical journey rears its ugly head.

It’s rare for fans to get to witness the mental push-and-pull and the behind-the-scenes struggles many musical artists go through as creators when they get to the end of their rope and think: Is it all worth it?

“I’m literally making my life path decision when I am 13-years-old,” pop vocalist Grace Vanderwaal told Uproxx of her rapid ascension as a teen star. “It’s the most pressuring thing. Sometimes I’m like, I don’t want to do it anymore.”

From the excitement of getting signed to the disappointment of being dropped, along with the discomfort of trying to find themselves, there are so many obstacles artists often find themselves fighting through in the music industry, while holding onto the determination of never giving up on their dreams.

These kinds of struggles and emotions are the ones connect these superstar recording artists to their loyal fans, and seeing their work can inspire us to push through adversity in their own lives because there’s a sweet reward in the end. After all, it’s our struggles who make us who we are, whether we’re everyday people or selling out arenas.

Check out the video above from past Honda Backstage artists to hear more inspiring stories born out of determination, from some of the biggest music artists in the country.

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