This Long Lost Coca-Cola Commercial Has Us Missing The White Stripes

09.07.16 3 years ago

Jack White has managed to become an elder statesman in rock and roll, with his prolific output and attention to detail. So considering all the work he’s done, it’s only natural he’d have a pretty extensive archive in more than two decades of recording. This is the pretense to Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016, which is releasing on Friday, September 9. But the deep dive doesn’t just end there; Jack is unveiling a lot of his history on his website in a new interactive project.

The site, which acts as a timeline of sorts for White’s career, has a ton of old stuff to sum up his career in his numerous bands — most notably in the White Stripes. Among the many strolls down memory lane, one of them was a Coca Cola ad from 2006. The ad, which aired only one single time 10 years ago, contained an original song called “Love Is the Truth,” that fits into the older White Stripes style we all came to know and love. But from some, it was seen at the time as somewhat of a betrayal or sellout. White defended that by saying he would only ever do an ad for Coca Cola — suppose it was on brand with his color palette.

Either way, the incredibly rare clip is a nostalgic trip to when Jack and Meg were together shredding and drumming across the globe. While the latter is in private life now, the Acoustic Recordings and these old clips and pictures are a fun dip to way back when.

(via Consequence of Sound)

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