Who Should Taylor Swift Date/Write A Song About Next?

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01.08.13 10 Comments

Cancel your sleepovers and “dotting I’s with hearts” parties, everyone: Taylor Swift is on the market.

Less than one week after Taylor Swift and Harry Styles shared a lingering New Year’s Eve kiss, the couple have called it quits, a source confirms to Page Six.

Styles, 18, and Swift, 23, flew to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands on Tuesday, January 1, where they were spotted posing with friends at the CocoMaya restaurant. But just three days later, Swift caught an early-morning flight off of the island on January 4, after a blow-up fight with the boybander. Swift looked glum and introspective as she caught a boat solo to the airport on the morning of January 4. (Via)

Which lead to the greatest photo of all-time, as seen above. It is Taylor Swift. Anyway, One Direction Harry was Boyfriend #48 in the assembly line that is T-Swift’s love life, and now that’s he been marked as broken and unusable, it’s time for our favorite pink-and-purple-colored-heart-on-her-vintage-dress-sleeve songstress to look elsewhere for future song material. Here are six people we think are good matches.

#1. Leonardo DiCaprio

The only major celebrity who’s “gotten around more” than our girl T-Swift is our boy L-DiCap, who’s been with enough ladies to warrant a “20 sexiest girlfriends” slideshow. (LeoThe Aviator reference.

#2. Stock photo model for “perfect man.”

#3. 50 Cent

If only for Kanye West’s inevitable amazing reaction. Chris Brown would bring the lolz, too.

#4. A Lisa Frank illustrator

5. One of the guys who helped their friend propose on, ugh, Disney’s Splash Mountain

#6. Me

File photo, circa 2009.

(Via New York Post)

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