Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Opens Up About Migraines And Addiction On A Depression Podcast

11.14.17 4 months ago

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As the deaths of icons like Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington prove, being a massively successful rock star doesn’t make you immune to life’s problems. Musicians are just as prone to suffering from depression or anxiety as the rest of us — actually, they’re three times more likely to face those struggles, a study from last year found.

Wilco leader Jeff Tweedy has been open about his experience with these things in the past, and he recently spent the better part of an hour talking about it with host John Moe on an episode of the Hilarious World Of Depression podcast. Tweedy said that as a kid, he had severe migraines that were so bad they would make him throw up, and although it wasn’t evident at the time, he sees a connection between the migraines and his depression:

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