Wilco Played Letterman Last Night, Then Performed An Hour-Long Concert For The Audience


Last night Wilco performed “Born Alone” off of their new album “The Whole Love.” You probably saw it, because people of the internet love Wilco. But the audience in attendance got an extra-special treat: Wilco stuck around after the show and performed “The Whole Love” in its entirety, along with a few songs from past albums.

But hey don’t fret that you couldn’t be there, because CBS put the whole thing on the web and I’ve embedded it below. I have yet to watch it but the folks at Spinner said that “Wilco proved that when they want to they can shred with menace, right up there with the best of them.” That sounds like a bit much, but still, those cats usually put on a good show, so maybe it’s worth losing some work productivity over today. Enjoy.

The band’s aforementioned new album will be on sale next week, btw.

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