Wild Pink Announce Their New Album ‘Yolk In The Fur’ With The Bright Alt-Country Single ‘Lake Eerie’

05.02.18 11 months ago

Hayden Sitomer

Wild Pink released one of 2017’s strongest debut albums with their self-titled effort, but frontman John Ross isn’t ready to take a break just yet: He released an ambient solo album as Eerie Gaits last year, and now Wild Pink is already back with their second album: The band just announced that Yolk In The Fur will be released on July 20th via Tiny Engines.

The album announcement is accompanied by “Lake Eerie,” a bright alt-country single that manages to work in some of the grunge edge found on their debut album, although it definitely doesn’t focus on it. Ross told NPR of the track, “This song is about growing up and moving on and about the struggle to not get caught up in anything that doesn’t really matter. It’s also for the Western New Yorkers in my life.”

Press materials also describe the album as a departure from its predecessor:

“Ross and his band mates trade what sparing crunch they did use on Wild Pink for lush, balmy synths that lift their sound upwards and out, rather than forward and down. Any traces of slowcore and grunge are gone here, replaced by the angelic airiness of Cocteau Twins and Red House Painters, but with the modern crispness of LAKE or Japanese Breakfast. Sporadic splashes of electronic drums and emphasized bass lines add fascinating new dimensions to their already-diverse palette, but no instrument or tone ever feels shoehorned in. Each part is stitched seamlessly into the other, and the band’s aptitude for unexpected change ups is only heightened with the ability to shift from artificial to natural instrumentation.”

Check out the Yolk In The Fur album art and tracklist below, along with the band’s upcoming European tour dates. Revisit our interview with Wild Pink’s John Ross here.

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