Did Will.I.Am Plagiarize His New Single? All Signs Point To Yes.

For once, Chris Brown isn’t the worst person involved in something he took part in. Yesterday, uploaded a number of songs from his upcoming album, willpower, to his YouTube page, including “Let’s Go,” featuring Brown. Neither of those men are particularly beloved, but now they’re ultra, super-duper vilified, musically speaking, for flagrantly ripping off a song from well-known house producers Arty and Mat Zo, “Rebound,” without permission.

According to Gigwise:

The song sounds almost identical in parts to ‘Rebound’, which is a dance track produced by Zo and Arty – despite Arty saying that no one had approached Anjunabeats to use the song. Zo has also pointed out that had approached the pair previously about using the song, but they had declined. (Via)

Here’s Arty’s aforementioned tweet:

Responding to the allegations, Brown was his usual articulate self:

He then tweeted, “#staypositive,” which probably isn’t a Hold Steady reference. Here’s’s “cover.”

And the original.

Needless to say:

(Via ONTD)