Watch Will Smith Get Jiggy With It (Again) In The New Music Video For ‘Fiesta’

Earlier this month, Will Smith — the megastar actor once known the world over as The Fresh Prince — rapped on his first new track in ten years. That’s right, it’s been a decade since Smith spit rhymes over a beat and released it to the world and while 2005’s Lost and Found didn’t achieve the same commercial success as 1997’s Big Willie Style or 1999’s Willenium, it showed that Smith’s musical side wasn’t completely dead.

Now that picture has officially wrapped on his newest film Suicide Squad, Mr. Smith has found himself back in the studio and has allegedly recorded 30 new tracks already. With plans to reunite with DJ Jazzy Jeff for the duo’s first ever official world tour, the rapper side of Smith is aiming to get up on that lyricist horse and hopefully, shake the room once again.

It takes almost a minute and a half before the man shows up to lend his vocal stylings and jump around in the music video for the remix of the Bomba Estereo track Fiesta. What we have here is a bunch of folks partying it up in a manner slightly reminiscent of that Zion party scene in The Matrix Reloaded.  Still, after a decade in the dark, it’s kind of nice to see Smith dipping his toes back into the music scene. One can only hope his reunion with Jazzy Jeff will bring that nostalgic tone — I’m talking He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper era — back with his new music. One can dream.

(Via Apple Music)