Will Smith’s First New Song In 12 Years Is A Cringeworthy EDM Banger With DJ Jazzy Jeff

A lot has happened since DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince released their final album, Code Red, in 1993: Will Smith went on to have a successful solo music career (and become a global megastar actor), DJ Jazzy Jeff kept on putting out music on his own, and as ’90s nostalgia grew and grew, fans clamored for a reunion, craving new music from the hip-hop duo.

Now we’ve gotten what we wanted, as Smith and DJ Jazz Jeff recently performed a new song called “Get Lit,” and maybe it’s not everything we were hoping for.

Smith shared a performance video on Facebook, and although he describes it as “just back to basics with DJ Jazzy Jeff,” the new song — Smith’s first since his 2005 album Lost And Found (unless you count his Bomba Estéreo remix from 2015) — is an uncomfortable EDM track that has virtually nothing in common with the duo’s classic hip-hop. It was endearing when Smith rapped about how parents just don’t understand in 1988, but in 2017, hearing a 48-year-old talk about getting “lit” comes off as a Steve Buscemi “How do you do, fellow kids?” moment.

Their reunion in 2014 was a neat throwback, and if Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff are having fun with their new music, then that’s wonderful. People having fun doing what they love is undoubtedly a great thing, but also, they may be the only ones enjoying themselves.

Watch Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff perform “Get Lit” above.