William Shatner’s ‘Ponder The Mystery’ Music Video Is The Spiritual Sequel To ICP’s ‘Miracles’

William Shatner asks some big questions in “Ponder the Mystery,” the first single from his upcoming prog-rock album of the same name, featuring Rick Wakeman (Yes), Robby Krieger (the Doors), George Duke (Frank Zappa), Steve Vai (Zappa, David Lee Roth), and multi-instrumentalist Edgar Winter, among others. “The details of the devil, and the angelic purity.” “The miracle of passion, and the hate of depravity.” Actually, let me rephrase what I said earlier: I have some big questions about “Ponder the Mystery,” including, what the hell is going on?

My mind hasn’t been this turned into cold soup since I saw “Miracles” for the first time. On a related note: remind me to pitch Juggalos In Space to HBO.