Willow Smith Goes Full Folksinger With This Joanna Newsom Cover

The Smith kids have never stopped being oddballs and making music. Trying to chart the path that Willow has taken since breaking through at the age of 10 with “Whip My Hair” is difficult. And trying to predict her future moves based on what she’s done is a fool’s errand. All we know is she has a pretty great voice and the drive to get weird. Both of those were on display this weekend when Willow posted two brief covers of Joanna Newsom’s “The Book Of Right-On.”

Check out the Instagram clip up top and the filtered Facebook clip down below:

The cover of the track off The Milk-Eyed Mender further proves that we should never try and guess what Smith is working on, if projects like Ardipithecus and last year’s collaboration with Michael Cera are any indication. Judging by her recent work — and her apparent love of freak-folk — Willow could do anything from an alt-R&B album on down to the next Cripple Crow. She certainly has the famous friends on deck for it. And given that she’s only 16, that’s kind of awesome?

Jaden Smith just turned 18 this year and dropped some legitimately great songs. Keep an eye on Willow is all we’re saying.