Listen To Willow Smith Over Michael Cera Production On ‘twentyfortyeight2.0’

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Let’s face the facts here. No matter what you think or know about Willow Smith’s music, the majority of us are here for “twentyfortyeight2.0” because we’re curious to hear Michael Cera’s production.

Most people remember the baby-faced actor’s guitar-playing role in the highly-acclaimed movie Juno, but who the hell knew he was producing for spacey pop artists on the side? Not this guy.

Apparently, Willow has been hinting towards her creative partnership with Cera on Twitter over the past few weeks, verbally crushing on him and asking him to help finish her upcoming project.

Those hints have now culminated in this extremely ambient musical murmur, which most people are probably going to be confused by. Despite having words and a beat, it’s hard to call “Twentyfour” an actual song, as Smith simply talks about her viewpoints on the human soul over the Superbad star’s innocent and illustrious medley of melodies. It’s more like an intro to a song. Basically, Cera’s production is refreshing and many will welcome more, but only if he’s working with someone who actually wants to add something more…um…musical to the track.

Unfortunately, this track is simply too boring, no matter how unique the production is or much star power is featured in the credits.

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