Everybody Panic! Willow Smith Posted An Instagram Photo Where She Appears Topless

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01.23.15 9 Comments

Willow Smith is the latest to join Miley Cyrus and others in the “Free the Nipple” movement, taking aim at Instagram for taking down pictures of women like Chelsea Handler showing their nipples. But in this case, she didn’t show her own nipples; she showed someone else’s. But that didn’t stop the Internet from freaking out.

Apparently, this “scandalous,” “controversial,” crazy, “eye-brow raising” topless photo is a “Parent’s Worst Nightmare.”

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Really? We’re going to freak out about a graphic T-shirt? This is not controversial. This is the kind of thing that a 14 year old who doesn’t believe that time exists does to make a “profound” statement. Calm down, everyone. She’s being “political,” not sexual. No need to panic.

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