Wiz Khalifa Will Star As ‘Death’ In Apple TV’s Series About Emily Dickinson

Wiz Khalifa will play the opposite of the role of a lifetime on Apple TV’s new series Dickinson. The rapper is slated to star as the personification of Death on the upcoming series that puts a modern twist on the life of young poet Emily Dickinson.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Khalifa has been cast to bring death to life as Dickinson’s love interest. The show puts a contemporary spin on life in the 1800s, boasting a popular hip-hop score and parallels to current pop culture.

Hailee Steinfeld stars as a young Dickinson, and she’s honored to work alongside Khalifa. “I’m a huge fan of him in general, so the fact that we were able to get him to do the show was so exciting and he loved the idea of it,” she said. “He read a bunch of it, and he was so into it. He showed up unbelievably prepared. He’s got the greatest sense of humor ever. It was just so fun to have that weird crossover as part of our show. It is very different and weird and interesting and exciting, and he is a major element in this show that makes it all of those things.”

Dickinson creator Alena Smith said Khalifa fit the role perfectly. “I wanted Death to be the coolest guy in the world because Emily is in love with Death,” Smith said. “Part of the story of the season is about her coming to a more realistic and mature understanding of Death, but where she begins is a kind of Goth worship of death. I just really wanted it to be someone that you would genuinely get excited to see.”

Dickinson premieres November 1st on Apple TV+.