Wiz Khalifa Finally Spoke Out About His Kanye West Feud And His DJ Alter-Ego

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Though we may still get a laugh or two out of it, Wiz Khalifa has absolutely moved on from his endlessly entertaining beef with Kanye West. The rapper and sentient cloud of weed smoke revealed that he and Kanye buried the hatchet in a new interview with GQ.

In the interview, which took place all the way back on February 6, Khalifa appeared to be completely over the Twitter-dragging from Yeezy. Khalifa was floating above the series of attacks (and sartorial compliments) that got so vicious that it forced Khalifa’s ex-wife Amber Rose to jump into the fray with the world’s greatest hashtag. Via GQ:

“I ask if he regrets starting the fight, even if Kanye was the one who rapidly escalated it, Brick-with-a-trident-in-Anchorman-style, by talking about Wiz’s young son and estranged wife. “Why would I?” he asks, staring placidly off into a corner of the room. He says for a while there it felt less like entertainment and more like something real and upsetting, once his family became involved, but now “it’s done and over with, so it don’t even matter.” Kanye called him after the extent of the misunderstanding became clear.”

Khalifa goes on to say that Kanye apologized to him personally on the phone. When he’s asked if he apologized to Kanye, Wiz replied that he has “nothing to apologize for.”

In the profile, Khalifa also explains his recently created DJ alter-ego, DJ Daddy Kat:

“It’s like ‘Cat Daddy’ backwards. I listen to a lot of old-school sh*t. So it’s like ‘Cat Daddy,’ but I put it backwards ’cos I want b*tches to call me ‘Daddy’…He’s just smooth. He’s just cool. He gets all the bitches. He makes sure all of his homies is taken care of. And he brings the waves.”

Though Wiz seems decidedly chill about the beef — as you might expect from someone who has made his bones by always being exceptionally high — us denizens of the internet will always have #coolpants and OGs to remember it by.

(Via GQ)

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