Wouldn't You Like To Own Amy Winehouse's Blood Self-Portrait?

05.10.12 6 years ago

Former Kate Moss banger/drug person Pete Doherty is auctioning off a bunch of his crap (gee, I wonder what he’ll do with that money?), including a painting Amy Winehouse made of herself with her own blood.

Reports CBS Vegas:

Multiple sources are reporting that the former lead singer of Libertines will sell the painting, a small piece entitled “Ladylike,” alongside items such as instruments, diaries and articles of clothing.The auction will be held at the Cob Gallery in London on Friday, as part of an exhibition of Doherty’s blood-infused works called “On Blood: A Portrait of the Artist”.”

“Blood plays the starring role in my work,” he said of the exhibition to the website Gigwise. “Sweat and tears are often waiting in the wings.”

The self-portrait is anticipated to earn over $100,000.

I still can’t believe this guy got to bone Kate Moss for years. Also, how is he still alive?

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