After Years Of Holding Out, The Wrens Invited Brooklyn To Their Home To Hear New Music

The Wrens are sharing their first new music since 2003’s Meadowlands. But there’s a catch. Fans will have to stop by the house of frontman Charles Bissell in Brooklyn and listen to the new songs in person.

Bissell dropped the exclusive listening party invite on Facebook while the city was suffering through a snow day. And he gamely engaged with eager fans in the comments throughout the day.

When a fan asked Bissell to stream the songs on Facebook Live, he politely declined and explained that he’s not performing the songs live. Bissell also noted that the band is not active as a full band, so performing would be difficult.

“We’re not talking line performance or anything (heck, it’s take months of prep just to figure out how a band would even play these non-band songs),” he wrote. “This is casual, like coming by to look at a painting. You know…if people came by your house to look at a painting. That you painted. After you weirdly invited them.”

When people expressed concerns about space, Bissell noted that his house is a “lean-to by suburban standards” but palatial by Brooklyn ones. If you happen to be in the Park Slope area and desperate to hear some new Wrens music (maybe you’re still bummed that that 2015 album never materialized), send Bissell a message and see if you can set up an appointment to hear his new album in a not-at-all awkward setting.