WTF Rolling Stone: ‘Justin Bieber HOT READY LEGAL’

An open letter to Rolling Stone

Dear Rolling Stone,

I’ve been a subscriber for years. At times I’ve enjoyed your magazine immensely. At other times it has pissed me off. Occasionally, the issues I receive go completely unread, through no fault of your own, mind you — I just get too busy to read all the magazines I subscribe to sometimes.

In recent years — when many have slammed you for morphing into something other than a music magazine while also exhibiting an ignorance of the internet bordering on disdain — I stuck by you, largely because I love having issues of Rolling Stone on my coffee table when people come over. But I suppose you could say that my tolerance has been running thin of late, and today you pushed me over the edge when I went out to my mailbox and discovered your new Bieber cover.

Seriously, Rolling Stone — I’m a grown-ass man. How the hell am I supposed to display this sh*t on my coffee table and still maintain my dignity?! If I wanted magazines with covers like this in my house I’d subscribe to Tiger Beat. Does the name above my address read “Pedobear”? It’s one thing to continually put this twatwaffle on the cover but to splash “HOT READY LEGAL” over it is simply more than I can take.

I’m canceling my subscription effective today. I’ll read the work of Matt Taibbi and Tim Dickinson online like everyone else.

Yours in disgust,
Cajun Boy

That felt good.