A Portion Of New York City’s Staten Island Will Be Officially Renamed The ‘Wu-Tang Clan District’

Kyle Christy

The Wu-Tang Clan is getting celebrated and recognized in the community where they formed. An area of Staten Island has been officially re-named the “Wu-Tang Clan District.” City Council members joined with fans and the community for an official unveiling. The area has a mural commemorating the district and the special day.

The commemoration comes just a few months after the New York City Council unanimously passed the measure to re-name an area in a Staten Island neighborhood. “This is a great day where we have an opportunity to honor our own hometown heroes, the young men who put Staten Island on the map internationally,” said Debi Rose, councilwoman for the area. “They overcame all types of challenges, to not only become rap artist and hip-hop artist but to inspire and challenge the music world.”

Members of Wu-Tang attended the ceremony to express their gratitude to the community and meet fans. “The real value is in the love, to help you see all things clearly,” Cappadonna said in a speech. The group was awarded a framed proclamation of the name change.

Last December, the City Council also voted to make November 9th “Wu-Tang Clan Day” to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their iconic album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).