With Retirement Out The Way, Lil Wayne Kills YFN Lucci’s ‘Key To The Streets’ With 2 Chainz

YFN Lucci is one of the current crop Atlanta artists that could force their way into the mainstream at any moment. With his catch, sing-song delivery and flashy, ATL trap aesthetic, he’s tailor made for major label success. His buzzworthy mixtape Wish Me Well 2 helped earn him one of the coveted guest spots on 2 Chainz’s ‘Daniel Son ; Necklace Don’ mixtape and now Tity Boi is back to return the favor in a major way.

Chainz brings along his ColleGrove partner Lil Wayne to hop onto Lucci’s hit “Key to the Streets” for the official remix and Lucci gets more than his money’s worth from the two superstars. To kick the track off, 2 Chainz delivers all energy, swag and enthusiasm that we’ve come to expect from him, bouncing around the beat but really kicking things into overdrive when the drums disappear in the final four bars.

Wayne takes anchor position and sounds rejuvenated. Yeah, there’s a little quip about his situation with Cash Money and Birdman, but it’s the way jumpstarts the verse that really sets the pace. “I told my b*tch I’ll get her a Birkin bag,” he raps, enthusiastically, before hilariously admitting “I had no idea that sh*t was 30 bags.” Just like Chainz he amps things up without the drums, gradually speeding up the flow and stuffing more and more wordplay into each line. Wayne’s not done, thankfully, and any collaboration with 2 Chainz is a bonus at this point.