YG And DaBaby Play Tag Team In The New Video For ‘Stop Snitchin (Remix)’

YG and DaBaby are kindred spirits. The pair of rappers are a seemingly endless fount of menacing threats, humorous punchlines, and outright bravado. The former’s latest album 4Real 4Real is a boastful, more lighthearted tour through Compton life than his previous offerings. DaBaby’s recent Baby on Baby is similarly boastful, tough guy compilation with more than a few laughs to spare. And with this shared their shared profile, it only made sense that the two rappers should link up on a song eventually.

That day has arrived thanks to YG’s latest “Stop Snitchin (Remix).” The reprisal of 4Real 4Real‘s lead single is just as sinister as the original. However, the addition of a new verse from DaBaby gives the song’s strong backhand slap that much more of a sting. In the Cole Bennett-directed music video for the song, the rappers interrogate an apparent snitch, treating the unfortunate young man to the bad “bad cop-bad cop” routine. “Whoever raised you ain’t do a good job at that (That) / Whoever raised you need to get slapped,” YG raps right before DaBaby takes the guy’s shoes.

YG’s music video for the original version of “Stop Snitchin” was also somewhat of an event. For that video, the rapper drew upon old slave narratives and even depicted himself being hanged.

You can watch the new clip above.