Lynwood, CA Rapper YG Hootie Gets A Big Assist From Kendrick Lamar On ‘My City’

Lynwood, California rapper YG Hootie re-connects with Kendrick Lamar for the first time in nearly four years for the South Central, Los Angeles-plugging anthem, “My City.” For those who don’t know (basically, everybody not actually from Lynwood or Compton), Lynwood is an incorporated city just northeast of Compton. It’s pretty tiny, which is why it’s often abbreviated as part of Compton, but its natives are known to make a little noise now and then, as evidenced by the DJ FU (of Eardrummers fame)-produced anthem big-upping “The City,” as Compton is affectionately known to its citizens.

“I’m the man in my city,” Hootie boasts, proclaiming that he gets love because he’s the plug. Of course, Kendrick does what he does and kidnaps the whole track out from under him, but it’s still a big look for his Hub City brethren, who will undoubtedly get a few more looks on his output thanks to Kung-Fu Kenny’s coveted co-sign.

One fact about the track: The cover features a childhood photo of former President George W. Bush, who actually grew up in Compton way, way back before all the Black people moved in. “Compton gets a lot of bad press which shapes the perception of our city, but most never know George Bush and his family once resided here,” YG Hootie explained. “They even went as far to suppress the fact, but you gotta give it up for The City.”

So far, there’s no additional information about where this loose track will end up or what Hootie is currently working on, but judging from the anthemic nature of “My City,” it’ll show lots of hometown love, and stay strictly street talk.