YG’s 2017 Plans May Include Kendall Jenner And People Aren’t Handling It Well

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We’re not even 24 hours into the new year and YG is already setting things in motion for, well, who the hell knows. But the “Bompton” rapper is bausing a social media bommotion right now for posting a picture of Kendall Jenner on Instagram that’s sparking dating rumors. Kendall is the 21-year-old sister of reality star Kim Kardashian-West and is a famous “model” in her own right.

The picture YG posted doesn’t give away much. It’s literally just a selfie of Kendall posing with a Daniel Wellington watch that reads 3:06. The rapper’s caption for the pic doesn’t give much away either. “2017!!!! @KendallJenner.” Still, the thought of YG dating or even associating himself with a Kardashian/Jenner has fans freaking the hell out.

“Hell Nah!! Don’t let them ruin your life too bruh!!! #4HUNNID #4LIFE,” one fan wrote on YG’s page. Another co-signed, writing, “Oh Goodness! Noooo! Please don’t be the next list of niccas that they destroy.”

The fans are talking about the supposed Kardashian curse that claims any man who dates Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe or even Jenner girls Kylie and Kendall will suffer from some form of bad luck. Obviously, that sounds ridiculous. Yes, Scott Disick is constantly in rehab, Lamar Odom was dead for a few days, Kanye West had a mental breakdown, Tyga has been having money issues, and Reggie Bush’s career hasn’t been the same since he won a Super Bowl ring in 2010. But the idea of a curse is ridiculous and false.

Whatever YG is planning with Kendall Jenner should be a great look for him because those reality stars grab all the attention. And for what it’s worth, Kendall is reportedly dating Los Angeles Laker Jordan Clarkson so YG probably isn’t hinting at a tryst.

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