Dennis Rodman Sets Fire To Dancers In Yogi + Skrillex’s ‘Burial’ Video

Yogi & Skrillex‘s “Burial” remix has been blowing up for the better part of this year. While you think you’ve never heard the track, you probably know it from Arby’s most recent commercials. Well, in finally releasing a video for the song, Yogi & Skrillex definitely put together something more interesting than a bunch of stacked cold cuts. And that would include this:

In the clip, we start out thinking it will be a normal heist video with wild, masked assailants barging into Pusha T‘s local barbershop. But once they make their getaway, pretty much all hell breaks loose. Without giving too much away, we’ll just say one of the criminals is “as bad as they wanna be” and also may set someone on fire during the course of the video.

Thankfully, we can add this to the long history of times that Dennis Rodman was wild as hell. It’s probably his best acting since Simon Sez.

(Via YouTube)