You Can Now Buy Motorhead Sex Toys, Because Sure, Why Not?

If you’ve ever listened to a classic Motorhead song like “Love Me Like a Reptile,” or “The Chase Is Better Than the Catch,” and thought, “You know, I like this band, but what I would really love is a line of sex toys inspired by their music,” today is your lucky day!

Yes, the English metal legends have collaborated with a group called Lovehoney (who describe themselves as “the sexual happiness people”) to release a line of officially endorsed sex toys entitled “Motorhead: The Official Pleasure Collection.”

As Lemmy pointed out in the band’s press release, the band does have a history a referencing sex in their lyrics, so this is a natural move for them:

“One of the songs on our debut album was called ‘Vibrator,’ so we had to have our own one day, right?” quipped Lemmy in a press release. “Apparently, it was worth the wait!”

Apparently, he forgot about some other Motorhead classics like “Orgasmatron,” or the immortal “Eat the Rich,” which contained the line, “You wanna see my bacon torpedo?” which may be the single most romantic line in the history of recorded music. There’s also Motorhead’s famous album Iron Fist, which… well, that should be self-explanatory.

Things have been rough for Motorhead lately, as Lemmy’s recent illness has forced them to cancel several gigs on their recent tour, along with the heartbreaking news that he’s been forced to switch from whiskey to vodka. Hopefully this news will be a reassurance to the band’s fans that they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

(Via Ultimate Classic Rock)